How to read force plate data

Hi AnyBody support,

I want to read force plate data.
I have TXT data of Fx12, Fx34, Fy14, Fy23, Fz1, Fz2, Fz3, Fz4.
Is it possible to read these data on AnyBody?

I upload the file for “Forceplatedata” and “GaitFullBody_TUT”.
AMS is ver 5.1 and AMMR is ver 1.4.

I beg your kindness.

Hi Akira,

I would like to point out something about your model.

  1. In your C3D file ‘kobayashi_0030802-processed.c3d’ file, there are 81 frames ( frame no.1 ~ 81).
    But in the ‘kobayashi_003_calibrationdata.csv’ file, the time duration stars from 7.3285s to 7.6495s.
    How could you synchronize these two files?

  2. Also the problem is, you should know the global location of this force plate.
    How do you know that?

  3. You can refer to this file for your force plate type.

I hope this helps you.

Best regards,

Thank you for your message,

I synchronized force plate data with Mocap data.
And I added force plate data and time to main program.
I ran InverseDynamic but floor reaction force isn’t be reflected in analyzed results.

I upload the file for “GaitFullBody_TUT” and “ForcePlateType3AutoDetection.any”.

AMS is ver 5.1 and AMMR is ver 1.4.
Please tell me the mistake.

I beg your kindness.

Hi Akira,

Attached please find a modified version of your model.

  1. I created a new ‘ForcePlateType3AutoDetection_TUT.any’ file in your model. Please check it to understand what I’ve changed for you.

  2. I just tried to use your previous csv file for force plate input.
    I converted it into a txt file.

  3. I don’t known which coordinate system you used to extract these force plate data. When I see Fz1, Fz2, Fz3, Fz4 values, those are positive.
    So I assumed that these force data came from the global coordinate system.
    You should check this carefully.

  4. The meaning of time synchronization is that T(time) value of force plate data should be matched with the T(time) value of C3D file.
    So I modified them as I guessed.

Please understand this model carefully before making another question afterwards.

Best regards,