Insert of Forceplate data

Hi all,

I’m new to AnyBody and finished tutorial!

I have a question about Forceplate.
I’m trying to run “GaitLowerExtreamity ” using new C3D file. The C3D file is from website.
I already set markers. Except for “ForcePlateType3AutoDetection” and “EnvironmentAutoDetection” , RunMotionAndParameterOptimizationSequence is successful .
Next, add two file to my model, I got the error message:
ERROR(SCR.PRS9) : F:/A…a/A…2/A…n/M…l/G…3/EnvironmentAutoDetection.any : Defined At : F:/A…a/A…2/A…n/M…l/G…3/EnvironmentAutoDetection.any : ‘Fx12’ : Unresolved object

Deleting last loaded model…Done.
Model loading skipped

According to website , they take motion capture with Kistler’ForcePlate, it’s Type3. But I got error…
I want to do inverse dynamics using Forceplate data in the C3D file. Is it possible?

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Hi Omiya,

There is a free software called MLSviewer, with this software you can look at the data from C3D files. There you can make sure what kind of settings are used. In most of the C3D files from there are no forces used at all. PLease have a look at your C3D file and see if there are forces used and compare the structure with the original C3D.

Hi Omiya,

Your error is probably because the force data is either missing or called something else in your C3D file. You can use the MLSviewer to browse your file, but you can also load it into AnyBody using the small utility I have enclosed with this message. Once loade,d you can see what the force data is called in your C3D file and modify your model accordingly.

Good luck!


PS. is a very interesting site.

Hi Omiya,

I had another quick look at your C3D file and it seems like there are no forces in it.

Hi Amir, John

Thank you for your reply!

I download MLSviewer and John’s Anyscript file. I can look at the data from C3D files. These file are very useful!
As you say, structure of original and new C3D file are different.
There is no Analog data in my new C3D file…, but ForcePlatform data is consisted. Furthermore in website Spec page, it’s written that they use Kistler Force Plate Z15907 x 14.
I don’t know what it meant. Do they use forceplate without recording analog data?
In this case, is it impossible that I run inverse dynamics in consideration of ForcePlate?

Best regards.

Hi Omiya,

AnyBody cannot use forces which are not there. Usually the forces would be found in the analog data section.

If the supplier of the data claims that the C3D file contains forces and you cannot find them, then you have to get in touch with supplier, i.e., and inquire about it.

Best regards,

Hi John!

I understand about Forceplate, so I decide to use another C3D data or make another model.

Thank you very much!