InverseDynamics ERROR

Hi, I need help again.
Last time, I didn’t write the detail I want to do with the model.
This time, I’ll try to do it. So plese give me help.

What I got is following error

  1. InverseDynamics (Operation: Main.Study.InverseDynamics):
    0.0) PreOperation (Operation: Main.Study.InverseDynamics.PreOperation):
    0.0) InitialConditions (Operation: Main.Study.InitialConditions):
    0.0) …Design variables have been updated.
    0.1) …Load time positions have been re-established.
    0.2) …Kinematic analysis completed. The kinematic constraints have been resolved.
    0.3) …Initial conditions are fully updated.
  2. Inverse dynamic analysis…
    ERROR(OBJ.MCH.MUS4) : //K…2/h…2/2…x/・.)/・.ス/A…y/A…1/2…1/A…n/E…s/F…e/FreePosture.Main.any : Study.InverseDynamics : Muscle recruitment solver : solver aborted due to singular KKT matrix

[COLOR=black]I received an advice that there are missing reactions in the knee joints.[/COLOR]
But it might be by design. Sorry for the insufficient explanation.

First, my AnyBody system’s version is 4.2, and AMMR is AMMRV1.1.

I’m using “FreePosture” model. I insert ACL in the both knee by consulting “LowerExtremityModel”.

My object is to check the behavior response of ACL(maybe it is not an correct English word, sorry). By the way, Kinematic analysis is finely done.

In doing so(inserting ACL), I made change to the “Jnt.any”(Joint.any) like the follwing.
I insert “KneeJoint.any” as alternated.

/AnyRevoluteJoint Knee = {
Axis = z;
AnyRefNode &ThighNode = …Seg.Thigh.KneeJoint;
AnyRefNode &ShankNode = …Seg.Shank.KneeJoint;
// Constraints.Reaction.Type = {On, On, On, Off,Off};
}; // End of knee

#include “KneeJoint.any”

I’ll attach my model. Plese take a look.

Thank you.

I have solved it !

InverseDynamic analysis is finely moving.

Thank you.