Make the model do according to the C3D file

As I am now using AMMRV1.0. I find that the examples all insert C3D files like the language below:
AnyFolder C3DFileData ={
#include “running.Header.any”
#include “running.Groups.any”
#include “running.Analog.any”
#include “running.PointsMarkers.any”
#include “running.PointsProcessed.any”
But I have only one C3D file without so many datas listed above. In such a case, How should I insert my C3D file?
Also I want to make the file drive a model, but I do not know how to combile the file with the model?
I do really hope someone can supply me with a related example so that I can learn from its language. All I want to accomplish is to see a model jump accroding to my “jumping C3D file” . As for the force plate, I shall research in my next plan.
Thank you!

Hi @Lyd

AMMR v1.0 is so old that it is much before my time. Which version of the AnyBody modeling system are you using? When AMMRv 1 was released the support for MoCap models was still very early. I think AnyBody at that time was used to convert the C3D file to a number of AnyScript files which could then be included in the model. Just my guess.

I would strongly suggest that you upgrade to the newest version instead of trying to use something which is 10 years old. It will be hard for you to get help with such an old verison. Our distributor in Japan also has office in Shanghai

Best wishes,

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