Mandible FDK model load problem


I would like to use mandible FDK model for simulation. I loaded the model in AnyBody 7.2 without any problem but since I have upgraded my AnyBody to version 7.3 I can not load the model anymore.

I load

and I receive the following error

ERROR(SCR.SCN6) : ModelSetup.any(7) : 'TMJ_LIGAMENT_REFRENCE_CONFIGURATION_MODEL' : Unexpected character.
Model loading skipped

and if I add ((#include "../libdef.any")) before Main in Mandible.Main.any, then I receive
ERROR(SCR.SCN6) : GeneralSettings.any(8) : 'FREE_MOVEMENT' : Unexpected character.
Model loading skipped.

My Anybody version is 7.3.1. 8217.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestion to solve the problem.

Best regards,

Hi @iman,

I am don't think your problem is related to the new version of AMS.

the Mandible.Main file is not supposed to be the main entry of your model.

If you look at the model page for the Mandible Model you can see that you need to look in the trials folder and run one of free movement, planar or FDK files.
This ensures that all needed parameters are loaded in to actually run the model.

The error you are getting is because the define statement for TMJ_LIGAMENT_REFERENCE_CONFIGURATION_MODEL is not set defined, since the Mandible.Main file does not include the GeneralSettings.any file.

I hope the above can help you

Best Regards,
AnyBody Technology

Hi Iman,

Bjørn is right. You are not loading the main file for the model. These are located in the trial folder, e.g.:


E.g. AnalysisFDK.main.any, AnalysisFreeMovement.any or AnalysisPlanar.main.any.

Best regards

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