Modeling of Knee Prosthesis


I am quite new to AnyBody and I am trying to model the effect of installing a knee prosthesis on a patient. More precisely, the forces that the prosthesis applies on the knee when tightened, as well as the soft tissue (skin) deformation of the region where the prosthesis is in contact with the body. From what I gathered, AnyBody outputs the muscle and joint forces, but is it possible to model soft tissues, and if so, how?

If you have any tips and/or relevant information I can look into it would be really appreciated.

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Hi @emeric.bernier ! and welcome to the forum

That sound like a really interesting subject.
It also sounds a lot as a first project using AnyBody.
It is possible to model those effects but it requires the use of Force Dependent Kinematics (FDK).

I would advice you to not start with the FDK approach but take it step by step.

  1. get your prosthetic into the AMS and make it work on the motion you are interested in.
  2. Read up on our Force Dependent Kinematics (FDK) tool
  3. start making the connection between prosthetic and human model run using the FDK tool

Here is a link to our FDK tutorial and here is our wiki page with help on FDK.

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