Scaling of Talus


I am currently using AnyBody6.0 with TLEM 1.1 and i want to scale the talus of the model. I learnt from the tutorial and applied my own scaling law in femur and shank perfectly. However, i recognised that even when I add my own custom scaling law, the model talus will not scale in the way i want and remain unchanged. I may want to know how can I scale the talus in my own law. Thank you.


Hi Thomas,

I can't say specifically for an old version of AnyBody (and I imagine also AMMR).

I looked at the current repository and Talus scaling seems to be linked to the Foot scaling. Have you tried scaling the foot? Please see if scaling the foot changes the dimensions of the Talus.

If not, please let me know a little bit more about how you are implementing your custom scaling law.

Best regards,

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