Trouble with AnyOperation Class


I am working with the parameter optimization tutorial and cannot get the model to load and subsequently to conduct parameter studies.

I get the following error:
[SIZE=2]WARNING(SYS5)[/SIZE] : [SIZE=2]C:/P…s/A…y/A…2/W…s/O…e/ARep/A…g/O…l/OptTutorial.main.any[/SIZE] : [SIZE=2]Operation[/SIZE] : Deprecated target object for this reference.
Target object : [SIZE=2]InverseDynamicAnalysis[/SIZE]
AnyBodyStudy has been redesigned for AnyBody 4.0. This member is deprecated and initialization has no effect. Notice that AnyBodyStudy1 temporarily implements features of previous versions of AnyBodyStudy. Notice also that AnyBodyStudy1 is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

The AnyOperation Class does not exist in the Class tree and I tried changing this to something that is existing but none of these works.

Any idea what is the problem and how to fix it.

I have attached the folder with the main files. Your help is appreciated.

Hi Nicholas,

The syntax of the AnyBodyStudy class has changed some time ago. Problably this particular file has not been updated. Find the InverseDynamicAnalysis object in the script by following the link of the error message and change it to InverseDynamics.

Best regards, Sylvain.

Sylvain. Well thank was easy. Many thanks, Nicholas