Trouble with wrist joints of my full body model

Hi, I’m Dwan Lee.

I have a question about how to fix the wrist joints.

Please check this image. When I run kinematics, the wrists are suddenly changed.
I still don’t know the reason.

I tried to figure this out and here is what I’ve done for it.

However, the result is

What should i modify more for locking the wrist joints?


Best regards,

Dwan Lee

Hi Dwan,

Sorry for the slow reply.

Looking at the images i can see rather large error on the markers, this may be part of the explanation to the problem you see.

The wrist joint is a little special, it is not a universal joint in traditional sense it has a small segment that creates some distance between flexion and abduction axes. This segment can sometimes lead to the problems you see. If you have a better position of the markers this is less likely to happen.

I would enable the weak drivers for the wrist and then run the parameter optimization.

Once the optimization has been done you should see much smaller errors on markers, and it is likely you can disable the soft drivers for wrist and rerun the motion tracking .

Hope it helps

Best regards

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