Use c3d data

Hello, I`m Shingo.I belong Japanese college and new anybody user.
I post for first time.
Actually, I think when I use “c3d file”,make animation.
But, when run kinematics,there are many times error messages.
I confuse.Help me!!!
I attach data ,now.Please, check this data.
This data is that I think move one point.So,I use one segment and function.


Welcome to AnyBody world!

  1. First, I would recommend you to use GaitFullBody example.
    You had better to practice this model first.

  2. When I see your C3D file, the marker names are different from Plug-in-gait marker set.
    So you are not an experienced AnyBody user, I would recommend you to use Plug-in-gait marker set.

  3. In your C3D file there is no force plate data.
    It means that you may not be able to do inverse dynamics well.

If you have more questions, please write here as a reply.

Best regards,

Thank you for message.
Your answer was helpful.
But, I don`t know Plug-in-gait.
So,please tell me Plug-in-gait.

Dear Sakurai Shingo,

here is a paper that describes marker protocols and also Plug in Gait:

I hope that helps.

Thank you for message , aalmunajjed.
To mkjung9980 , I will purchase the OptiTrack 's motion capture system and use ARENA to analyze. So , I can’t use VICON 's motion capture system. I have question that Anybody reads ARENA 's c3d data. Please tell me it.

Dear Sakurai Shingo,

You can use C3D files that were captured with OptiTrack and analyzed with Arena. However, you have to adapt the model.
Please have a look at the tutorials:

and try to understand the function of the GaitLowerExtremity, or the GaitFullBody model.

Make a copy of the GaitLowerExtremity, adapt the marker names in the model to the Marker names from your C3D file, out-comment the force plates, …

Please be aware, that without ForcePlate data, running the inverse dynamics will NOT be possible!

Thank you , aalmunajjed.
I do reference of your opinion and try to do AnyBody.
This c3d data is Optitrack’s sample data.To use it , I practice to use AnyBody , now.
After I get motion capture system , to use force sensor I measure external force. To utilize it , I will run inverse dynamics.