Warning Occured

WARNING(OBJ.MCH.KIN6) : D:/Sunday/Body/AAUHuman/Arm/Interface.any(82) : GHMeasure : Close to singular position : Orientation close to Gimbal Lock, i.e., first and third axis of rotation being parallel

Why this warning occured? And will it affect the resultant force?


No not in this case …

Explanation: the reaction in the GH joint is not made using the reaction forces of the joint itself but by a set of pushing muscles which ensures tha the reaction force fall within the glenohumeral cavity on scapula.

Even if these forces would have been the reaction forces from a spherical joint it would not have had impact since these are forces and not moments. If it would have been moment reactions from a other type of joint with gimbal lock it might have made a difference.

Hope it was not too confusing

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