What's the function of this Force?

Hi, nowadays I'm working on the modelling of exoskeletons in AnyBody.
Recently I found a project related to my research on Github. But I don't know the meaning or the purpose of this driver. Could you give me some hints?

SitToStand_Exo/TrunkDrivers.any at main · AnyBody/SitToStand_Exo · GitHub
Another question is why they created this torque between the human body and exoskeletons? I think 1000N is too large.
SitToStand_Exo/AdditionalInteractions.any at main · AnyBody/SitToStand_Exo · GitHub
Thank you!


Hi @Taejun

The driver you mentioned is driving the three trunk degree of freedom to be what the initial positions are i.e. to have no moment.

I think the torque is primarily to showcase how it works. But your are welcome to post and issue on the git repo if you need more clarification.

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Great, thank you very much!

If the force is primarily to showcase how it works, Can we just delete this force? Is there any physical meaning of this force?

The force simulates and actuator from the exoskeleton. You are free to change it as you need

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