Abaqus interface tool

In attempting to work with the AnyFE2Abq.exe tool, provided at the below link,
there is a “No valid license has been found.” message resulting at the command line, in response to shell execution.

We are working with AMS v5.3.1, and our license is hosted on a university server via your RLM functionality. Therefore, I do not have a license.lic file to physically move around to the directory of the AnyFE2Abq.exe, as I found suggested in an older forum post about this same issue.

How can this tool be used with an RLM-hosted license, or how can this error message be worked around?

Thank you,

Hi Adam,

You should still have a local copy of the license file. Try finding it and copying next to the converter.

Best regards,

Thank you, this resolved the issue.
(by also re-naming the file license.lic)