Attaching lower limb exo to human


I am trying hard to interface my exo model with standing human model. Can anybody assist me in achieving it.
I have developed exo model in solid works. Transported in AMS, then loaded standing human model. I have defined human ref nodes at thigh, shank, foot and pelvis and exo ref nodes on same location but I have not defined ground ref nodes. Do I need to define that for attaching human to exo? Also is it required to have the exo model in exactly the same lower limb segment length as the human model.
I am attaching my files here for further understanding, kindly look into it and provide me proper solution

Dear Sakshi,

Please refer to the solution I sent to your email. When we have finally solved all issues, it would be nice if you could post the result here, for the benefit of all. :slight_smile: