C3D file display data in processedData instead of Markers


I am having a little problem with a C3D file.
I tested the pendulum tutorial with one of my own C3D file and I noticed that when I load the model my data is in the processedData section and not the Markers section.

Once in the ProcessedData, the Data part of it is always 0.

Is there a special flag that you are seeking in the C3D files to decide whether the data is in ProcessedData or Markers?

I generate the files using the BTK library. I do understand that you do not give support for BTK but if you can point out the error in my C3D file it will be a lot easier for me to fix this problem.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Alex,

if you include following line to the AnyInputC3D it will work:

  MarkerUseAllPointsOnOff = On;

AnyInputC3D C3D_2 = 

// FileName = “pendulum.c3d”;
FileName = “test_moving.c3d”;
ConstructModelOnOff = Off;
ConstructChartOnOff = Off;
MarkerUseAllPointsOnOff = On;


Thanks a lot for the answer, it works now.

Is it possible to know why the pendulum file was working and mine was not?

Alexandre Roy