Cannot install Solidwork2Anybody on solidwork

Cannot install Solidwork2Anybody.
Have a message Unable to initialize add-in.

Please kind support to help me.

Thank you

Hi Thanapol,

I’ve just sent you a private email to you.

Best regards,

I’m currently having a similar issue where a pop-up message says "Unable to initialize the Add-In component.

I have the same issue. I have followed instructions on the how-to website but no luck.

Message Error:
“Unable to initialize add-in.”


Could you try to launch your SolidWorks as administrator mode?

Please write here again if it does not solve your problem.

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Hello Moonki,

I launched as an administrator, it has now recognized the .dll file but now the message is “You need a valid SolidWorks2AnyBody License?”

License for AnyBody was issued in Dec 2013
SolidWorks was purchased Dec 2014


Hi Krystyna,

Then it seems that your installed license does not contain the valid information of your SolidWorks2AnyBody license. You should have received a combined license file which contains both AnyBody and SolidWorks2AnyBody licenses.

Please check whether you have it, and please contact us directly if it is not the case.

Best regards,