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how can i perform a set of AnyBody studies in a console? I need to do some file copying, than an AnyBodyAnalysis, and after that again some results file copying.
To perform the whole job in the AnyBodyCon.exe shell does not work as it does not have a copying command and does not support system calls.
To perform the whole job within a dos shell does not work as AnyBodyCon.exe waits for commands like “run” etc.

How can i solve this problem? Any ideas?



ok, found the solution. (Didn’t i see it or is it not documented?)

“AnyBodyCon.exe macro.anymcr” in a dos command window

executes the whole Anybody stuff, when macro.anymcr contains, e.g.:

load “StandingModel.Main.any”
operation Main.OptStudy.Optimization

Hi Thom,

I am glad you find the solution. It actually looks like the anymcr is not ducomented. Thanks for pointing at it, we’ll try to make some documentation about it.

Best regards, Sylvain.

It is actually documented–at least to some extent. Have a look here:


Hallo together

I have a short question: I have used to run AnyBody in Batch mode as it is much quicker and I have therefore written some Matlab coding that does all the things. However, with the newest AnyBody Version and the new licenses, I have realized that my code does not work properly any more.

Before, I needed to copy the AnyBodyCon.exe file together with a license file pointing to the location of the license into the directory of my AnyMainFile.
However, we have now realized that AnyBodyCon.exe does not work any more as soon as it is moved away from his original location. Do you have any idea why?

Is there a way around it?

Many thanks for your help


Hi Christine,

If you are using AnyBody V4.0, then you shall move the AnyBodyCon.exe with that folder called AnyBody.OpenSceneGraph-2.6.1.