Drivers in standing model

Hello .I have recently started using AnyBody and have been working with the standing model Ammr 2.1.I try to model lifing in squat posture.I'm collecting kinematic data with vicon.I intered my kinematic's data in mannequin file.If I want to model correctly and model subject's posture as vicon's angles shall I switch the GLOBAL_DRIVER_SWITCH 1? when i did this for inverse dynamic i got the error over constraints..then I switch some drivers 0 to reduce the constraint but I couldn't reduce less than 1..what is your suggestion to solve my problem?

Hi Parisa,

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If you have motion capture data available i would use these examples as the basis for the model:

This model requires a C3D file as input, this can be created using Vicon.

The problem you have seen with the standing model is that it is already fully driven by joint and drivers connecting it to the ground. So if you add more drivers to the model it will start saying it is over constrained.

In the repository there is also a squat model available please see

This model can be controlled using a few parameters, so it will be another way to make a squat model, if you do not want to use the mocap data directly.

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