Error with c3d import

Dear Anybody members,

I am trying to import some c3d files to create a model with GaitFullBody. I am referring to the Tutorial “Making things move”, especially the part, which is about using own fullbody c3d data.

edit: I am using Version AMMRV1.5 and Anybody Version 5. 3. 1. 3556

Now when trying to load the model I get the following error:

Loading Main : “C:\Users\AnyBody\Documents\AnyScripts\AMMR.v1.5-MyDemo\Application\Examples\MyGaitFullBody\GaitFullBody.main.any” Scanning… Parsing… Constructing model tree… ERROR(SCR.PRS9) : C:/U…s/A…y/D…s/A…s/A…o/A…n/E…s/M…y/ModelSetup.any : Defined At : C:/U…s/A…y/D…s/A…s/A…o/Body/A…n/T…x/M…p/CreateMarkerClassTD.any : ‘PosInterpol’ : Unresolved object Model loading skipped

Does anybody have a cue?


Hi lastnick,

This error mostly occurs, when a maker, which is used in the model, is missing. Click on the error message and you will find the code which makes problems. If something like “CreateMarker …” is the reason for the error just comment this part out and try again. Maybe also have a look if the names of the markers in the C3D and in AnyBody match.



Hi Patrick,

commenting out the lines with the error doens’t really help. It just brings up a new error a few lines further…

would it help if I offer the parts of the c3d files I tried to use?

Another question: Am I in the right section of this forum? As I am using the GaitFullBody model for the import would it be better to move this thread to the ‘AnyGait’ section of this forum?

Hi Michael,

uploading the c3d should help.

I believe if you use a model from the repository and would like to receive help debugging it - which includes uploading some of you files - the AMMR debug section would be the correct one. Maybe someone will move this thread.

hey pat

thanks for your help! Who could I ask for moving this thread?

just create a new thread and make a link to this one. That should be enough - so we can see what the problem was.