Exoskeleton and Motion Capture Model

Hello all,

I am fairly new to the Anybody, and I had some questions regarding building upon a motion capture model with exoskeleton. Basically, I need to add an active exoskeleton (an exoskeleton boot) to the MOCAP model. I was wondering what would be a good starting point/model for me to build upon. Any assistance would be helpful.


Hi @ap21 - and welcome to the forum!

Your project sounds really interesting.

Given you are fairly new to the AnyBody Modeling System I would recommend taking a few development steps.

  1. Adjust one of the AMMR Mocap models (c3d or bvh based) to run on your mocap data without the Exo.
  2. create a model that only has your Exo without the human model. This will help you build, test and debug the exo itself without the hassle of a human model on top. If you plan to import your CAD model from something like SolidWorks then our AnyBody Exporter for SolidWorks can help you a lot. In this step you can also add motion data to the exo if you have.
  3. add the working Exo to the mocap model you adjusted - preferable by a define statement so you can easily switch it on and off.

Sadly we don' t have any example models that use a mocap model together with an exoskeleton since exoskeleton CAD models are not easy to come by for distributing

Best regards,
AnyBody Technology