gaitapplication2 fail

Hi, I have a question about gaitapplication2.
I follow the 15 steps to build model with mocap data.
Now, I have done step 11th. The environment.any is null, and I tried to execute gaitapplication2 but failed, the error description was wrote at the bottom.
By the way, I can not find and run “execute SetInitialConditions” of step 10
Can you give me some suggestions?
Thank you so much.

I use Anybody ver4.0.1.

D:\AnyBody\Repository7\Application\Examples\copy - EE01_raw>gaitapplication2

GaitApplication v. 1.1
Copyright © 2007 Michael Skipper Andersen. All rights reserved.
parsing the second time
Finished parsing the model file
nManScale = 4
Starting differentiation
Finished Setting up the model
Starting the study to find initial guesses on q and p
Failed to resolve kinematic constraints. Newton relaxation too small. (final kin
. error = 4.021849E-001)
Constraint no. 0 above error tolerance 0.000000, error = 0.094395.

Constraint no. 79 above error tolerance 0.000000, error = 0.402185.
ERROR(0) : Failed to solve position analysis
The analysis failed
Writing the output-par file with the initial guess

Hi Andy

The new AnyBody Ver 4.1 has the handling of overdetermined kinematics built in and there are new models in the repository based on this feature “GaitLowerExtremity” and “GaitFullBody” This makes the process of driving a model with mocap data much much easier and makes the gaitapplication2 redundant, so please use ver. 4.1 for these kinds of models.

Best regards

Hi, Søren.
I am sorry without version 4.1 in our lab. So far, our lab has no enough fund to maintenance.
So, can you give me some suggestions for version 4.0.1? Or let me know if the solution of this part is null.

Thank you.

About version 4.1, I will discuss with my adviser. But now, I only can use version 4.0.1, sorry again.

I suppose your guess on the marker positions and maybe segment length is not good enough. Please follow the instructions in step 12 and try to get a better initial match between the markers of the body and measurement. The SetInitialConditions you are refer to is simple the InitialConditions option/study in the Study folder. With this step you can visually investigate your initial guess on the markers.
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Where can i know which are the 15 steps needed to build a model with mocap data in gaitapplication2 v1.8?
Is the information in the pdf that comes with it? Anyway i still do not know what is the studyfile that it refer to?
So the studyfile can be in any format such at *.qtm (Qualisys mocap)?


you find the information in the main file in the GaitUniMiami model in the AMMR1.0 repository. But please note: This is an outfashioned procedure. We strongly recommend to use the current version of the Modeling System and the approach shown in the gait models of the AMMR1.1. This is a way faster and easier solution.
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Thanks for repling. I am using version 3 and is trying to create a script from a qualisys track manager format mocap (*.qtm). I tried converting the qtm file to c3d. However, i could not get pass the c3d2any steps. it prompts me that it fail to create the marker mover file. So is there any other way that i can create using a qtm format to any?


its hard to judge why it is not working. Please read
As you have no access to the current version, I guess the best way is to use individual textfiles containing time and marker position for each marker and manually import them. (GaitVaughan model). So convert your file to textfiles, have a look at this page:
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