Issue with AnyBody Exporter for SolidWorks


I have some problems with the AnyExporter4SolidWorks:
When I export my assembly file (which consists of five part files), the exporter creates an Assembly.main file but there are no .stl files in the export folder. So altough all part files are visible in my SolidWorks Assembly file, the exporter doesn’t create the relevant part files for my Assembly.
Any ideas how I can solve this Problem?

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Problem solved:
I exported my SW Assembly file in a different folder and then the part files also appeared and everything worked

Hi David,

Thanks for the update

I am curious what are the difference in the two folders you have tried with?

I would like to understand what made it work

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I really don’t know.
Once I exported the files in the EnvironmentFiles folder (that didn’t work) and the second time simply on the Desktop and loaded my files from there.
I had more than one version the assembly file in the EnvironmentFiles folder so there might occured a reference error.


Thanks for the info

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