Marker protocol in AnyGait


I was also trying to use the AnyGait program and when trying to load my files I got this error message when trying to run the PreProcessing_Load step:

Constructing model tree…
ERROR(SCR.PRS9) : //data/rf/e…0/D…p/A…s/A…5/A…5/A…n/A…t/A…e/M…l/O…l/K…l/Drivers.any : ‘PosInterpol’ : Unresolved object
Model loading skipped

I’m attching the static and dynamic C3D files I’m using…

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I checked the error line and it is:

#define SHOW_MARKERS 1
AnyFolder Drivers = {
// #include “marker.any”
#if IncludeHip == 1
AnyKinDriverMarker LASI = {
CType = {Soft,Soft,Soft};
AnyRefFrame &ref1 = …LegModel.Trunk.Seg.Pelvis.LASI;

AnyParamFun &ref2 = Main.ModelSetup.DynamicDataSet.Points.Markers.ABTdyn_LASI.PosInterpol;

AnyDrawKinMeasure drw =
Label = Off;
Size = 0.005;
Line = Off;

Is it because the markers I used, I’m actually using the vicon plug in gait…so what should I do to get it to work?

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If you are using the VICON plug-in gait marker set,
then I would recommend you to try with our ‘GaitFullBody’ model first.

Here is a good wiki page for that:

If you have any trouble with your own GaitFullBody model, then please upload your model in the debug model section:

Then we will try to help you for that model.

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Thanks so much for your quick reply…

I don’t mind using another marker set that you are using in the anygait model, cause I’m planning to show it to the students and I believe it is very straight forward to understand the concept.

So what is the marker set that I need to follow inorder for my to be able to insert my C3D files and use the AnyGait model…
Is the static trial need to be for a certain pose, like T-Pose or what? and can I use the C3D files that comes out of Vicon if make new mocap trials according to the information that you will provide me with?

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I added more information on necessary markers on the wiki:

Hi Amir,

Thanks for your reply…
I went through the link you sent me, and I have the following questions:
-I assume VIC is referring to the vicon set up?
-In the static trial, can you tell me what are these markers referring to:
-In the dynamics trial, what are the: RTHL (if the RTHI is the thigh marker) and RMMA.

Also, when looking at the Marker.any file, it looks that both the VIC and SIMI are Vicon plug-in-gait protocols, so I can choose which ever one when using vicon?
And wanted to make sure, when exporting the C3D file all the AnyGait needs is the labeled markers only, I mean that I don’t need to do any processing like running the plug-in-gait dynamics modeling or anything, all I hae to do is to label the markers according to the Marker.any file, is that right?

Thanks again for your time…

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Vic and Simi are close to Plug in Gait protocols, both unknown markers describe the medial markers for knee and ankle.

Additional to the markers, you need to specify the forceplate type.


Thanks again for your response…
What do you mean by specifying the type of the force plates? I use vicon system and kistler force plates and then export the C3D file from vicon nexus software…I’m not sure when and where do I need to specify the type of the force plates.

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Look into your C3D. When transforming from Vicon to C3D it will get a force plate type.

I also added a force plate section to the wiki:

I recommend MOKKA to view C3D files.