Metabolic energy expenditure


Dear AnyBody,

I am interested in the new feature available in AnyBody v2.0, which allows computing metabolic energy expenditure during physical activities. Is there a tutorial where I can get started?

Thank you!


Hi Phoebe,

We do not have a tutorial yet, but if you look in the reference manual for the metabolic models there a small example where the different metabolic models are applied on the simple arm.

You can follow the same method and with a few lines apply it on the human model.

Let me know if you have questions to that example model.

Best regards


Dear Søren,

Do you mind directing me to the reference manual for the metabolic models? I did a quick search but did not locate it.

Thank you in advance,


Dear Phoebe,

No ptoblem, try to search for AnyMetabModel, AnyMetabModelU AnyMetabModelB

It is only available it the latest AMS 7.2 version which was released recently.

Best regards