Out of Memory


I’m trying to run the RunMotionAndParameterOptimizationSequence from a MOCap template, that i already changed, and after some steps, anybody launch a pop-up saying “Out of Memory” and then appears this error : ERROR(SYS1): operation: unknown error : no class information’ .

What should i do?

Best Regards,
Marco Marques

Dear Marco,

in XSens it is easy to record a long motion, this results in several thousand frames. If you want to perform a full body simulation, you need to limit the frames that you want to simulate.

please try to edit in the trialspecific model:

// ********** Time ***********
// FrontFrameOffset is the offset value from the first frame of C3D file
AnyIntVar FrontFrameOffset = 0;
// LastFrameOffset is the offset value from the last frame of C3D file
AnyIntVar LastFrameOffset = 0;
// Number of steps for the analysis but can be changed is needed
AnyIntVar nStep = Main.ModelSetup.nStep;

this will subtract frames form the last frame and add frames to the first frame. Try to start with a total of not more than 200 frames.

Thanks Amir,
It worked

Best Regards,
Marco Marques