Range of Motion for each Joint

I face some difficulties in anybody model definitions, could you help me on that.

[SIZE=2]//Range of motion for each joint and direction, numbers in degrees
[/SIZE]//when this angle is reached the strength is downscaled to 10% of original value!
AnyFolder JointRangeOfMotionCervical={
AnyVar Extension=45/8 ; //remember this is for each joint we have heigt of them in serie
AnyVar Flexion= 60/8;
AnyVar LateralFlexion=40/8;
AnyVar AxialRotation= 45/8;

AnyFolder T1C7Jnt={
AnyFolder Extension={
AnyKinMeasure &DOF = …InterfaceFolder.T1C7JntMus;
AnyFolder dof0={
AnyVector Strength={…JointStrengthCervical.Extension,…JointStrengthCervical.Flexion};
AnyVector ROM=(pi/180){…JointRangeOfMotionCervical.Extension,…JointRangeOfMotionCervical.Flexion};
AnyInt dof= 2;
#include “…/ToolBox/Diagnostics/DiagnosticMuscle3.any”
AnyFolder LateralBend ={
AnyKinMeasure &DOF = …InterfaceFolder.T1C7JntMus;
AnyFolder dof0={
AnyVector Strength={…JointStrengthCervical.LateralFlexion,…JointStrengthCervical.LateralFlexion};
AnyVector ROM=(pi/180)
AnyInt dof= 0;
#include “…/ToolBox/Diagnostics/DiagnosticMuscle3.any”
AnyFolder AxialRotation={
AnyKinMeasure &DOF = …InterfaceFolder.T1C7JntMus;
AnyFolder dof1={
AnyVector Strength={…JointStrengthCervical.AxialRotation,…JointStrengthCervical.AxialRotation};
AnyVector ROM=(pi/180)*{…JointRangeOfMotionCervical.AxialRotation,…JointRangeOfMotionCervical.AxialRotation};
AnyInt dof= 1;
#include[SIZE=2] “…/ToolBox/Diagnostics/DiagnosticMuscle3.any”

Refer to the above case,
How to find the range of motion for the T1C7 joint? I only want the rotational ROM.

Best Regards,


Hi Lee

In the script you have listed each of the folders
extension, lateralbend and rotation has a ROM vector this gives you the numbers you are requesting i believe.

If this is not what you need please explain in more detail.

Best regards

Hi Soren,

Thanks for the reply. Since i am dealing only with the joint rotation.
So in that case, is that correct to say that my ROM in T1C7 joint is
(pi/180)*45/8 = 5.625 deg? Which means that my T1C7 joint can rotate about each x,y,z axis in the range of -5.625 to 5.625 deg…??

And also how to find the ROM for the palm and toe joint because i cant find the AnyFolder for palm and toe joint in AnyScript?

Thanks and appreciate for the help.

Best Regards,

Hi Lee,

As Søren said the RoM is different for each direction. Look for the different variables in the folder JointRangeOfMotionCervical. Extension and flexion are around z axis, lateral flexion around x and axial rotation around y.

As for the wrist (palm) joint RoM, look in the file Arm/JointMuscle. The toe joint does not exist in the model as the foot is a single stiff segment.

Best regards, Sylvain.