Updating nStep for analysis

I am using the macro command in DOS to run my model. All other set values command change the value, however, for nStep, it doesn't. I have defined nStep as DesignVar but it still takes the value that is defined in the main file, not through the macros.
If the value in the main file and macro is different, anybody stops with the output with nStep defined in the main file.


This is because nStep has evaluation moment as "Const" so you can not use the DesignVar on this property.

If you would like to control nStep through the console application it would have to be done with a define statement.

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With DesignVar, the property of nStep in the model tree turns to be editable from constant, however, during console call, it doesn't take the newly assigned value.

I tried the define statement in the following way and it has no effect on the value of nStep during console call.
#define nStep 4

You will need to do something like this:

in console send this define
#define NSTEP 4

in code:

#ifndef NSTEP

AnyBodyStudy mystudy ={

nStep= NSTEP;

Thanks, it worked.....

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