Chart 2D/3D questions

1 I am wondering what is the meaning of the JointReactionForce?
What does “Medio_Lateral、Proximo_Distal、Antero_Pasterior、AxialMoment” mean? Is there a reference from which I may know which direaction these mean?
2 Does the results in JointMmentMeasure mean torque?

3 I find the MaxMuscleActivity is over 1. But the activity of muscles that I need to use seems to be normal. So In such case, Are the results of those MuscleActivity which is under 1 correct and able to use?
If not, What should I adjust to make the MaxMuscleActivity normal? The inverse dynamics shows some warnnings :
" Flexor_Carpi_Radialis.SPLine : Number of allowed iterations for contact solution has been exceeded in Main.Studies.HumanModel.BodyModel.Right.ShoulderArm.Mus.Flexor_Carpi_Radialis.SPLine. Final error at time 1.987865e-001: 2.170215e-007 rel error, 3.340991e-006 abs error ".

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Hi Lydian,

  1. These are typical anatomical terms, try searching them in Google.

  2. Yes

  3. Muscle can be overactivated when this is needed to achieve the dynamic equilibrium in the system. If this overactivated muscle does not span over your region of interest - it may be okay to use the results. Quite often we have special auxiliary muscles to ensure balance and they may result in MaxMuscleActivity being over 1. It depends on your case.



Thank you for your answer.
There is another question about the Chart 2D/3D. When I see the muscle activity of some muscles, I find that one muscle has many names with different numbers in the end like

soleus1, soleus2, soleus3...

So What are the numbers 1 2 3 mean? Thank you.

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These are branches of the same muscle representing it with more volume than a single muscle of action. You will most likely see even more branches for wide flat muscles.


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