Crash Dump while saving output


movement data has been recorded by Xsens MVN Awinda inertial motion capture system with 17 wireless motion trackers and an update rate set to 60 Hz. Here, the Xsens T-pose is in the beginning of every BVH file I am going to analyse. In AnyBody 7.2. I was loading the inverse dynamic model, running the BVH_PreProcess and running the analysis. The output window informed me that the inverse dynamic analysis has been completed and the output will be saving now. However, saving the output resulted in an error and a Crash Dump text file has been generated.
Can you give me an advice how to avoid this crash dump?

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Could you attach the crash dump file? Might be located here: C:\CrashDump.

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Please find attached the crash dump file.

Anja (6.0 KB)

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