Error messages while working with Microsoft Remote Desktop

I have recently started using Anybody via Microsoft Remote Desktop to access our lab computers. I started working through the Tutorial but got stuck when I the following error message:
ERROR(SYS1) : : Unknown error
Model View OpenSceneGraph drawing did not complete correctly.
ERROR(SYS1) : Model View Draw : Unknown error
Model View failed to render scene.

I was working on the first chapter 1. Getting started, lesson 2. There was no problem loading the standing human model but i had trouble to getting the model view to work.
My guess it that it is linked to the remote desktop application, but I'm not sure how to solve it. Also working in the lab is a not possible because of the corona virus.

Maybe someone had similar experience? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I've tried the remote application AnyDesk ( and have the same problem. The model view is not working.

ERROR(SYS1) :     :  Unknown error
  Model View OpenSceneGraph drawing did not complete correctly.
Attempting to recreate Modelview Scene.

Same with Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

The AnyBodyTM Modeling System requires OpenGL 3.0 support, but connecting to a computer using
Windows Remote Desktop Connection will typically only allow support for OpenGL 1.1, which will
result in the Model View and Chart View not working. A workaround for this limitation is to use
a software OpenGL renderer instead. The 64 bit version of the AnyBodyTM Modeling System (version 7.2.2 and newer) ships
with an appropriate OpenGL software renderer which can be installed manually by the user.
Installation procedure for enabling software OpenGL rendering:

  1. Open the AnyBodyTM Modeling System, open the Tools->Settings dialog and change the
    Chart.Chart_View.AntiAlias, Model_View.AntiAlias and Camera.AntiAlias values to 0.
  2. Close the AnyBodyTM Modeling System.
  3. Open a File Explorer and go to the AnyBodyTM Modeling System installation location and
    copy the file named opengl32.dll from the Assist\SoftwareOpenGL subfolder to the Any-
    BodyTM installation folder, so that it is placed alongside the AnyBody.exe file.
  4. When you start the AnyBodyTM Modeling System again, it will now use the software OpenGL
    In order to revert to hardware OpenGL acceleration, please revert the steps mentioned above.
    NOTICE: Using a software OpenGL renderer will result in much worse performance regarding
    Model View update speed, as well as loss of antialiasing

Dear Christian,

I had the same problem. Try to use the Teamviewer instead of the Microsoft remote desktop.

Best regards,

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