No. of muscles in the PlugInGait-MultiTrial-StandingRef template

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I am a bit in doubt about the correct way to report the number of muscles in the PlugInGait-MultiTrial-StandingRef template. I have used AMMR 2.3 for my analyses, but there are some discrepancies between the number of muscle elements in the AMMR documentation and the elements that are actually present in the Model Tree (/Mus).

In the AMMR documentation, the number of muscles are described as follows:

Thoracolumbar/Lumbar spine: 188
Cervical spine: 136
Shoulder/arm: 118 (not stated, but found in referenced material)
TLEM 2: 318 (169 in each leg)

In the Model Tree in v. 7.3 (AMMR 2.3):

Thoracolumbar/Lumbar spine: 404 (MusclesSpineLeft/Right + MusclesSpine)
Cervical spine: 110
Shoulder/arm: 146
TLEM 2: 404 (202 in each leg)

Can you please explain why there is this discrepancy? Has the models simply been updated and the description in the documentation is for the base models at the time of implementation?

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Sebastian Skals

I think there could be two reasons, model update and differences in how the muscles are counted. For the lumbar spine i do not think it is just model update the difference is too big, here it must be differences in the counting, the original lumbar spine articles by Mark de Zee, may reveal this.

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